Piling into the car, we were all exhausted. Except
for the Big Guy! He was into his second cup of coffee
and barking orders. I pretended to be too sleepy to
understand. Acting like a morning zombie, I grabbed my
favorite pillow and backpack and headed to Slumber
Town. Wake me when we get to the amazing I-95 roadside
attraction, South of the Border! As “Pedro” says, Jake
needs more fireworks!
Dad was not buying my sleepy act. He expected
everyone to check, double-check, and CHECK AGAIN.
“Keys?” CHECK.
“Directions?” CHECK.
“Everyone go to the bathroom?”
I appreciated
the reminder.
Dad HATES last-minute inconveniences. He shot me a
look of utter amazement.
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME!” Dad bellowed as I climbed
out of the car and headed back into the hotel. I kept quiet,
figuring it was best not to say anything.
No need for a
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