lecture on proper planning and time management. It’s
WAAAAYY too early for that.
That’s Dad’s specialty: telling someone what they did
wrong and how they can improve. He actually does it
for a living. He’s a management consultant, and companies
basically pay him to analyze (aka
harsh on
) their businesses
and tell them how they need to improve (i.e., how much
they SUCK!).
I don’t know why anyone would pay to be yelled at,
but I guess I can’t complain. I get three square meals a day.
Wait a minute!! I CAN complain . . . because of his stupid
job, I had to leave the Sunshine State for MARY-land. What
the heck is Maryland the state of, anyway? I know the
University of Maryland mascot is a terrapin. So I’m giving up
white-sand beaches, beautiful blue skies, Disney, and fantastic
citrus for the state of slow-moving turtles? Fantastic!
We’re headed
down da ocean, hon!
man, he’s slow.
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