house, only honor-roll students enjoy that luxury. I think
Mom is really onto something there.
Knowing exactly what she would do, I strategically
concealed my cell phone in the bookcase to record über-
aggressive Alexis attacking me to regain control of
the TV remote.
Like a great white following one of those
cutout seals the Shark Week guys tow
behind their boats, Alexis soon came tearing
into the living room to pounce. Too easy!
In my attempts to capture the elusive
Alexis in her natural environment, I always
remember to take precautions. Plenty of
pillows and cushions surrounded me as I
awaited impact. A guy can get really hurt
messing with a perfect killing machine.
You need to understand, Alexis is no
ordinary eighth-grade girl. She looks like a
typical dorky drama llama with long blond
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