I’d hate me, too. I’m always two steps ahead of her feeble
attempts to get me.
That morning at breakfast was just another example of
how AWESOMENESS defeats AGGRESSION every time. After
the attack, and a quick presentation of video evidence to
Mom, Alexis was banished to her room for an hour of folding
laundry. I slid back into relaxation mode with my favorite
show and a second bowl of cereal.
Note to Alexis: I like my socks together, tightly rolled
up in a neat little ball.
Worrying about things you can’t control is a
COMPLETE waste of time and energy.
Kids have a LOT going on these days, so worrying
about someone or something not within your control
is foolish and potentially self-destructive. Let’s
take Alexis, for example. She can no more destroy my
AWESOMENeSS than she can stop the sun from setting
or the moon from rising. Just like how I KNOW her
cleats will always smell like skunk roadkill and that
she will NEVER accept my friend request on Facebook.
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