No doubt the Chuckles makeover infuriated Alexis and
ignited her quest for revenge. Sitting within arm’s length
of me in a cramped backseat for a nine-hour car ride
provided Alexis with the perfect chance to deliver payback.
But was I worried? Not one bit! I had AWESOMENESS on
my side.
As soon as Alexis awoke from her sleep-a-thon, I
saw that look in her eye. She was bored, angry at being
uncomfortable, and looking for trouble. Time for action!
“DAD! Can you please remind Alexis about backseat-
boundary rules,” I implored.
Mom was asleep in the front, so I knew Dad would
jump at this opportunity to set guidelines that would
guarantee a hassle-free drive.
“Hello, sweetie, nice to see you awake,” Dad said
sarcastically to Alexis, shaking his head and giving me a look
of assurance in the rearview mirror.
“Yes, Jake is absolutely correct. In order for you two
knuckleheads not to fight the entire trip, remember, your
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