But I didn’t stop there. I dropped
the stick figures and tried to draw
the actual kid. Unfortunately for the
“larger” kids, I’m not the world’s best artist.
Skinny kids I can draw well. But normal to larger
kids end up looking more egg-shaped, like Humpty
Dumpty. I’m still working on my technique. Sorry,
Frankie . . . at least you
won’t crack!
Lucky for me, my mom had an old
lamination machine at home. Strange,
right? Yeah, I know, but when I was
younger, Mom was an arts-and-crafts
queen! We had an entire room filled with beads,
ribbons, glue sticks, and fabric.
I remember making tons of cool stuff with Alexis—
back when she was fun and didn’t care about Facebook
updates, friends, and the mall! Mom always played classical
music, or she’d put on a CD of a bunch of people speaking
1...,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 26,27,28