any and all circumstances. We need to bug out a bit earlier
due to road construction. It’s a long trip to Maryland, so
we need to get a move on.”
Mom and Alexis still hadn’t moved a muscle, even
though the alarm was screaming away. It takes a special
ability to be able to sleep through anything. Evidently, I
didn’t inherit my mom’s comatose gene.
Dad hauled the first load of luggage off to the car and
instructed me to wake the two Sleeping Beauties. “Well,
now that I’m up . . . with pleasure!”
I decided to tackle the most difficult assignment first
My big sister, Alexis, routinely treated me as her personal
punching bag. To make matters worse, she HATED being
woken up. This amounted to a lose-lose proposition for
me. But I wasn’t going to let my dad down. I hoped Alexis
would be too sleepy to go completely ballistic.
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