“Alleeeexxxxxxiiiiiissssssss,” I cooed in my most
soothing “baby” voice. Braced for the worst, I jumped
back, anticipating a violent explosion of arms, pillows, and
I tried the angelic approach one more time, but again,
no sign of life. Dad wasn’t going to appreciate my lack of
effort. He had given me a task, and I intended to complete
it. The third time had to be the charm, and I had a plan.
Approaching Alexis in pure stealth mode, my target
was her beloved teddy bear, Mr. Chuckles. Very carefully,
I rescued the bear from a nine-hour headlock. It was time
for Chuckie to enjoy an unscheduled makeover.
I started wrapping the bear in toilet paper. I was
going for a mummified look—very ancient Egypt. Mr.
Chuckles looked a little parched, so I grabbed Alexis’s
water bottle and splashed his face with some refreshing
O. Mr. Chuckles was finally ready for his face-to-face
with Alexis.
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