Shoving the furry little King Tut into Alexis’s face
for a BIG WET MORNING KISS probably wasn’t my
proudest moment. But my dad had ordered me to wake
up Sleeping Beauty, so a soggy kiss from Prince Chuckles
was the perfect solution! I knew Alexis would finally wake
from her slumber. And she did!
As she opened her eyes and furrowed her brow, the
shriek in her voice assured me I had scared her good.
“Mr. CHUCKLES!?!?!” she wailed, followed by a slight
pause and a refocused priority. “YOU!! You are DEAD!”
She grabbed me by the shirt collar, and it took
everything I had to break free. However, we were in
a crowded hotel room with two double beds, and I
didn’t have much room for evasive maneuvers. Alexis was
immediately on her feet and in pursuit of her tormentor.
My only chance was to make it to the bathroom.
Backing into the TV stand, I turned to run for the safety
of the flimsy door and its push-button interior lock.
Unfortunately, I didn’t see the load of luggage my dad
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