had placed neatly in front of the closet door.
Down I went. Still thinking I had
a shot to make it to the bathroom, I started
crawling like an infant on his first playdate.
My arms and legs were moving surprisingly
fast, and I seemed to be cruising along . . .
or so I thought. Actually, I wasn’t moving
at all.
Quickly, the excitement of my “escape”
gave way to the downward pressure of a
giant foot placed on the small of my back.
Alexis wore a size 9½! She had
caught her prey and was toying
with me like a cat with a mouse.
Flipping me over onto my back, Alexis pinned my face to the
ground. Knowing about my severe germaphobia, I’m sure she
enjoyed smashing my cheek into the sticky floor. I immediately
envisioned a swarm of bedbugs infesting my hair. GROSS!!
Don’t toy
with me,
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