The struggle was escalating and getting louder by the
second. Seriously, Mom, how do you sleep through this?!
“Torturing Mr. Chuckles isn’t very FUNNY. He has
FEELINGS!” Alexis said with an extra thrust. “Is the hotel
floor tasty?”
Then, like the bugle call of the cavalry coming to
the rescue of a surrounded wagon train, I heard the
unmistakable sound of a plastic room key being inserted,
followed by the glorious
of the automatic door
release. I looked up to see my dad’s smiling face.
“Great work, Jake! I didn’t think you’d ever get her
up. Way to go! Where’s Mom?” Dad asked, as he stepped
over us to collect luggage load number two.
With all the bags packed, checkout complete, and
everyone accounted for, we were finally leaving Florida. It’s
funny how life is sometimes like baseball, with the pitcher
suddenly throwing you a massive curveball you didn’t see
coming. One moment you’re the King of School, the next you
are dethroned and in search of a new kingdom in Maryland.
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